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an Ocean Surf Sounds joint
Tonye Aganaba - LIVE from Performance Works
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"paint the valleys of my spine mountainside / climb ridge to crest and find breath"



“Rain,” a track from Vancouver artist Tonye Aganaba‘s new album Something Comfortable, comes in the form of a quiet storm. The track takes its sweet time, conjuring a luxuriant atmosphere complete with gliding harps, wind chimes, and a drumbeat that taps with the quiet insistence of raindrops on a tin roof. The keyboard and guitar licks that drip down around Aganaba’s soulful vocals are the water droplets that slide down your windowpane on a wet day in April. There’s even a smooth jazz sax solo thrown in for good measure, the necessary finishing touch on any sensuous slow jam. When it rains, it storms (quietly, of course).

Bored in Pittsburgh

“Do it Sweetly” is as haunting as it is warm. Long sax notes hold even longer, as though you are watching the notes leave your body too. The kick drum and high hat provide a soft and reassuring foundation, while Tonye’s voice fills the remaining space — fills your body. “[Music] has been a way for me to work through my mental, emotional and physical trauma, and put it in a place that is safe.”

Citr's Discorder (Afrodykie Zoe)

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